How to Apply

Please apply for a Lambda Foundation scholarship or award directly to any of the nine participating universities

Lambda Foundation scholarships are awarded without discrimination regarding the applicant's sexual orientation, gender identity, race, language, religion, culture, disability, etc. 

Depending on the criteria for each one, the university awards are open to any graduate or undergraduate student or researcher in any field of studies, whose project contributes to the understanding and acceptance of  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex (LGBTI) people and their concerns. These fields include but are not limited to arts, letters, social and other sciences, and professional schools. Projects in your application may include dissertations, theses, publications, literary or artistic works, etc. 

The Awards Committees of the participating universities set the deadlines and judge the applications on the basis of three basic criteria: 1) your academic dossier, including your grades; 2) the relevance of your topic to the specific award criteria, the LGBTI community and human rights generally; 3) the overall merit of the proposal, including the potential for publication or other means of disseminating knowledge. 

For some awards, prior LGBTI community involvement, including as a “straight ally,” may be considered an asset.

Lambda Foundation recognizes all our award recipients via announcements on our website and other publicity.