Congratulations to Kahlila Ball, this year’s winner of the Jack Hallam Human Rights Award!

In their own words:

“I could not be more excited to continue my theatrical studies in the fall. In September I will be moving to Vancouver where I will attend the Studio 58 program at Langara College. There, I will continue to immerse myself in, and commit myself to, performance theory and practice.

For the past seven years theatre has been the single most fruitful and enlightening experience of my life. Over the course of my middle-school and high-school years, I have had the great pleasure of being involved in community theatre, the Improv team at Gulf Island Secondary School, GISS Acting classes as well as the performing arts program GISPA.

Each of these experiences have been an essential part of my maturation as an artist and as a young woman entering the world. The magic of theatre and the community that surrounds it is what fuels and inspires me to stay curious and work hard. Moving forward, my goal is to make art that is inclusive and intersectional alongside people who challenge me and set examples of fearless expression.

I would like to thank the Lambda Foundation for awarding me the Jack Hallam Human Rights award as well as thank them for their support of young artists.”

Great job, Kahlila! And good luck in Vancouver 🙂