Congratulations to Dani O’Reilly, the winner of the Christian Landry Memorial Award!

Congratulations to Dani O’Reilly, the winner of this year’s Christian Landry Memorial Award at the University of New Brunswick!

My name is Dani O’Reilly, and I am a 25-year-old registered nurse based in Fredericton, NB. Over the past four years, I have been privileged to serve as a healthcare advocate and provide compassionate care to patients. However, my true passion lies in championing the rights and well-being of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

Her bio:

During my nursing education at the University of New Brunswick, I actively sought out opportunities to immerse myself in understanding the unique challenges faced by the LGBTQIA2S+ population. Being a member of this community, these experiences fueled my determination to fight for their rights and create a more inclusive society within the province of New Brunswick.

Currently, I am pursuing a Master’s of Nursing degree at the University of New Brunswick, which provides an exceptional platform for expanding my research skills and focusing on issues that I am deeply passionate about. This advanced education will empower me to contribute to the development of inclusive policies, conduct impactful research, and inspire future healthcare professionals and social organizations to prioritize the distinctive needs of the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

And Dani’s exciting, award-winning research:

In my research, I am driven by the need to shed light on the often overlooked and challenging experiences of gender-diverse individuals who face misgendering in social and health services.
Misgendering can have profound effects on their well-being, access to appropriate care, and overall sense of validation and acceptance.
To delve into this complex issue, I have chosen a qualitative research approach, specifically grounded theory methodology. My research interests aim to develop a rich theoretical framework that can help uncover the underlying social processes involved and provide a comprehensive understanding of the effects and social processes that are involved.

By gaining a deeper understanding of the experiences of gender-diverse individuals facing misgendering, we can identify areas for improvement in social and health services. I believe my research interests hold importance in New Brunswick, and could inform the development of inclusive policies, training programs for service providers, and awareness campaigns to promote greater sensitivity and respect.

Great job and congrats again, Dani!