Congratulations to Sydney Carter for winning the Jack Hallam Human Rights Award!

Congratulations to Sydney Carter, this year’s winner of the Jack Hallam Human Rights Award at Gulf Islands Secondary School!

In her own words:

As a part of the community, I care deeply for the protection of rights and the well-being of 2SLGBTQ+ people. I want to bring positive change to our society’s treatment and perception of this community to ensure that those who identify in ways that are out of the norm can feel comfortable and safe existing as they wish to. I believe that this change starts with young people. Previously, I have done work on a School Board in my district dedicated to changing out-of-date policies for diversity, as well as volunteering with at-risk youth in an elementary school, and being a classroom assistant and peer tutor. My plans for the future include attending UVIC in Social Sciences and Humanities programs before moving forward to get my secondary teaching certifications. I hope to bring light to the issues facing the 2SLGBTQ+ throughout my life, and specifically to ensure my future classroom is a safe and welcoming place for all students, especially those who need extra support.

Sydney’s current research/interests:

Throughout my high school career, I took several classes around social justice and human rights issues. I have always had a strong interest and passion for each of these subjects. Going forward, I hope to extend my education and understanding in each of these fields, as well as gain an understanding of the historical background that caused our society to evolve the way it has.

A personal message from Sydney:

I would like to thank the Lambda Scholarship Foundation for their generosity in honoring me with this award, as well as for supporting my future endeavours. The work that this foundation does is essential in our current social climate.

Congrats again Sydney! We look forward to seeing you achieve great things as you embark on this new and exciting journey in your life!