Congratulations to Maii Fallara for winning the Lambda Scholarship Tuition Award!

Congratulations to Maii Fallara for winning the Lambda Scholarship Tuition Award at Concordia University!

Their biography:

My name is Maii. I chose this name as it feels eclectic to me, a wave of sunshine coursing through one’s veins, a force that is unstoppable even with the most impossible outcomes. I had begun my university journey through photography as I was mesmerized with the world around me and telling my story and other entity’s stories through my lens. With art school the currentteaching dilemma is more controlling versus nurturing and my vision towards my work was quite different than some of the teachers had envisioned through their creative vision, so I embarked on a new journey of studying literature my passion for words, studying emotions through words and filling my head with emotions, wisdom that literature brings and complete a void of literary craving my body desperately needed. As much as I love photography, I am a passionate writer as well and felt that reading would enrich me with knowledge to improve my writing. Although I have changed programs as an artist I will always continue to navigate through various mediums in the artistic world and I will continue to tell stories through my camera or my brush strokes on my canvas and words on paper. With continuing support, I will be able to achieve my goals and enrich my knowledge thanks to the Lambda Foundation.

Their current research/interests:

My research interests are working through my trauma through various artistic methods, combining my divergent flamboyant passions to help me communicate to the world the life I grew up in and how I am surviving through them, growing, and slowly forming from a caterpillar into a butterfly. I am inspired by literary works and cinematography. I want to become a hope for people like me, for my community for people surviving from life and its bitter edges.

A message from Maii:

I want to again thank you so much for the help and support. You are very kind people, I have to say the kindest life has ever connected me to. Being queer and racially discriminated by society daily and surviving multiple abusive relationships and friendships from people I loved to gaining some light in this dark tunnel makes me very grateful and happy. I hope to continue to receive support from Concordia to more than just survive but accomplish my dreams. Life has been painful for me, and the financial stresses added on top does not help. I feel if I can survive financially to focus on my studies, I will start living rather than just surviving. I had to be quite mature from a young age, supporting adults who were supposed to be my adults, my family, and people I could look up to too.

Maii has expressed her appreciation towards the Lambda Foundation even further by sharing her mesmerizing artwork with us. Please take a moment to acknowledge these remarkable pieces!

Congrats again Maii!