Congratulations to Teija Yli-renko, Laurentian University

We are proud to present to you Teija Yli-renko, this year’s winner of the Grant Halle Lambda Award, at Laurentian University – Université Laurentienne! Many congratulations! Teija is currently completing her thesis on parenting stress and minority stress in terms of lesbian parenthood, to finish the requirements of her BA in Psychology from Laurentian. MoreContinue reading “Congratulations to Teija Yli-renko, Laurentian University”

Congratulations to Christine Gonsalves, Laurentian University

The winner of the Grant Halle Lambda Award this year is Christine Gonsalves, a graduate student in Interdisciplinary Human Studies who is doing her PhD dissertation research on comparative death-causing heart  problems among women, including lesbians and bisexual women, to find out how much gender identity and sexual orientation have to do with how these conditionsContinue reading “Congratulations to Christine Gonsalves, Laurentian University”

Congratulations to Kirby Johnson, Laurentian University

The first recipient of the Grant Halle Lambda Foundation Award at Laurentian is Kirby Johnson, a second year Masters student in the Human Kinetics program who focuses on sports, including media coverage. He was particularly interested in the impact of Russia’s antigay law on all the LGBT people who performed at, or attended, the Sochi Olympics. KirbyContinue reading “Congratulations to Kirby Johnson, Laurentian University”